Control your consumption

tankev is a logbook that provides the perfect way to monitor electricity consumption, charging prices, maintenance and any other expenses related to your electric vehicle.

Easy, powerful and attractive. tankev is the ideal personal diary for your electric vehicle. Tank up your EV!

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Save money

See how much money you are saving with your electric vehicle.

Clean Interface

Attractive plain design. Native-code developed.

Control your charges

Record and classify the cost of each charge in your own country’s currency, kWh and miles.

Easy to use

Simple data entry using predefined prices for everyday recharges.

A wide range of statistics

  • Mileage
  • Electricity consumption
  • Expenses
  • Efficiency
  • And much more!

Incoming features

PRO Version. The Customized charts help you visualize how much money your EV costs you in several different ways.

TankEv App Landing PageConcept & UI Design

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